Welcome to the WABIP Academy Literature Review, a collection of reviews of key papers that are selected in terms of their relevance or importance to Interventional Pulmonology. The papers and their reviews are carefully selected/created by the Literature Review editorial team.

Scott Twaddell MD, Labib Debiane MD, Calvin Sidhu MD

2022 Reviews

Therapeutic Bronchoscopy

Microwave ablation via a flexible catheter for the treatment of nonsurgical peripheral lung cancer: A pilot study Xie F, Chen J, Jiang Y, Sun J, Hogarth DK, Herth FJF.
Airway Inflammation Before and After Bronchial Thermoplasty in Severe Asthma Wijsman PC, Goorsenberg AWM, Ravi A, d'Hooghe JNS, Dierdorp BS, Dekker T, van Schaik CCLM, Ten Hacken NHT, Shah PL, Weersink EJM, Bel EH, Annema JT, Lutter R, Bonta PI.
Cross-Over Patient Outcomes for Targeted Lung Denervation in Moderate-to-Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: AIRFLOW-2 Conway F, Tonkin J, Valipour A, Pison C, Schumann C, Bonta PI, Kessler R, Gesierich W, Darwiche K, Lamprecht B, Skowasch D, Johnson PJ, Slebos DJ, Shah PL; AIRFLOW-2 Trial Study Group.
Stenting versus Balloon Dilatation in Patients with Tracheal Benign Stenosis: The STROBE Trial Marchioni A, Andrisani D, Tonelli R, Andreani A, Cappiello GF, Ori M, Gozzi F, Bruzzi G, Nani C, Feminò R, Manicardi L, Baroncini S, Mattioli F, Fermi M, Fantini R, Tabbì L, Castaniere I, Presutti L, Clini E.
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