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Editor-in-chief: Manuel Ibarrola, MD

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Interviews ECBIP 2019
Eight bronchoscopy experts at the ECBIP congress (Dubrovnik Croatia, May 2019) shared insights with the WABIP, on their latest and most relevant publications. This series of brief interviews details the main aspects of some of the most relevant articles published in the last years in the field of bronchoscopy and interventional pulmonology. Dr. Manuel Ibarrola goes one-on-one with 8 of these Europe-based experts and asks a series of questions pertaining to:

  • The current scenario in the procedures analyzed in the paper in question
  • The main changes the articles might bring to the field
  • Technical aspects of the procedures
  • Safety profiles
  • The future and steps to follow in constantly changing environments in healthcare
With Dr. Javier Flandes (Spain)
With Prof. Venerino Poletti (Italy)
With Prof. Philippe Astoul (France)
With Prof. Lorenzo Corbetta (Italy)
With Dr. Mohammed Munavvar (UK)
With Dr. Philip Emmanouil (Greece)
With Dr. Grigoris Stratakos (Greece)
With Dr. Antoni Rosell (Spain)

Manuel Ibarrola, MD
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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