A prediction model for risk of low oxygen saturation in patients with post-tuberculosis tracheobronchial stenosis during bronchoscopy.

Chen H, Tian S, Huang H et al

Therapeutic Advances in Respiratory Disease 2023;17:1-14.

What is the key question?

  • Low oxygen saturations (LOS) are a risk in patients with post-tuberculosis tracheobronchial stenosis (PTTS) undergoing bronchoscopy. This study aimed to develop a predictive model for those at risk.

What is the bottom line?

  • This study retrospectively analysed 465 PTTS patients who underwent bronchoscopy and found 26% incidence of LOS. It tested comorbidity, degree of stenosis, bronchoscopist level, use of thermal ablation, balloon dilatation and airway stenting as predictors and constructed a nomogram model.

Why read on?

  • The authors tested the model in a training group and then applied it to a validation group and found good consistency in predicting LOS. The greatest influence on the incidence of LOS were degree of stenosis and factors that influence length of procedure. There are clear limitations to this study but it raises some interesting points regarding the management of benign airway stenosis that should be further investigated.